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Purerest Ecowool Comforter-Natural Color: King

Purerest Ecowool Comforter-Natural Color: King

Our Price: $420.00



PureRest Organic King-Sized Comforter

Our hypoallergenic king-sized comforter is designed for allergy sufferers and those with chemical sensitivities. PureRest king comforters are made from the softest wool material that is ethically sourced and organically processed. EcoWool king comforters are free from the harsh chemicals commonly found in many fabrics and comforter fillers, and our organic king-sized comforter contains the safest bedding material made for comfort and style. Our PureRest king comforter comes in natural white and looks great against any other color. EcoWool comforters will stay warm during the cold months while keeping you cool during the warm months with their breathable design.

Order a new PureRest king-sized comforter to ensure you are avoiding the harsh chemicals and irritants commonly found in comforters. Buy now to enjoy the benefits of organically sourced wool comforters as well as to take advantage of our affordable prices and fast shipping on all orders.

- thanks to wool's natural temperature regulating properties, this comforter naturally warms to a comfortable room temperature

- organically processed at the only USA certified organic carding mill

- hand tufted to prevent shifting of the wool over time

- our regular fill comforter is perfect for colder regions or places which get snow

- warrantied for 1 year against manufacturer defects

- completely protected and sealed in food grade polyethylene to retain purity

- naturally mold and bacterial resistant so there is no need to worry about the inside if the comforter were to get dirty

- spot clean only

About Purerest
Purerest is renowned for making some of the purest organic products available today.Purerest has numerous certifications attesting to the purity of its products.At its manufacturing facility, the floors, and sewing tables are painted with AFM Safecoat, which seals the location, floors, and sewing tables. It also only hire people willing to use no scented products and whom do not live with a smoker. Additionally, they seal any non washable products in pure virgin polyethylene to maintain purity during storage and transit.They do all of this to make sure that theirorganic products do not become contaminated and maintain their purity.

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